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Say 👋 To Your New Whiskey Experience!

Whiskey with Jackie James blends traditional education, entertainment, events, and experiences with a twist of positivity, a modern approach, and a fresh perspective. Learn to talk and taste with confidence, credibility, and purpose while improving your relationships, creating new opportunities, and having fun!

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Client Testimonials

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Chelsi McDonald
Chief Philanthropy Officer
Ronald McDonald House Charities Of The Bluegrass

"Working with Jackie James on our charity Pappy Van Winkle raffle was not only fruitful but also so much fun!! As she is known for, Jackie brings an unconventional breath of fresh air to the bourbon world and she makes partnering so much more than just a transactional relationship. She is forward thinking, constantly thinking outside the box and is exactly as Preston Van Winkle described her as a wonderful up and comer in the industry or goes against the grain and is one to be watching. We can’t wait to continue our work with Jackie to raise critical support for families with sick children and have a great time while doing it."

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Laura Caraccioli-Davis
Senior Vice President, Head of Strategic Creative Partnerships
FOX Entertainment

"Here at FOX Entertainment, we came to Jackie James with a unique challenge: to help introduce FOX’s new whiskey brand, Truthteller 1839, to the world in a way that could connect with FOX fans, whiskey drinkers, and the broad public – all at once. After working closely with her, I can confidently say we couldn’t have made a better choice.

Jackie took part in a virtual Truthteller 1839 tasting with Reserve Bar, and her warm, friendly, and inviting style made her the perfect brand ambassador. She intuitively understands her audience and how to interact creatively to intrigue them. A great example was her Jackie James Tasting Method in which she compared tasting whiskey to dating – it brought big smiles to her co-hosts’ faces and lit up the comments section!

Jackie’s magnetic personality and whiskey expertise are the ideal one-two punch to draw in both newbies to the category and seasoned whiskey veterans alike. I would absolutely work with Jackie again and highly recommend her for any brand seeking to delight its base and amplify its reach. Jackie’s charisma, knowledge, and work ethic are truly unparalleled."

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Nate Norrish
Vice President, Marketing & Creative Partnerships
FOX Entertainment

"From the moment I joined my first meeting with Jackie James, I knew her unique and unconventional approach to whiskey was exactly what we needed to appeal to both traditional whiskey drinkers and newcomers. Her knowledge and industry connections empowered our team to create new, exciting opportunities and accomplish our goal of bringing a new bourbon (TRUTHTELLER 1839) to audiences in an unconventional way.


Created in 2022 by FOX Entertainment, TRUTHTELLER 1839 was designed to stand out from the crowded bourbon market with a look and taste that cut through the noise and offer something truly original and unconventional. Our brand was born from storytelling, sparking the world’s interest as it was introduced into a story in a broadcast TV drama. Our mission was to enable fans to share their truth and tell their stories – and Jackie James provided us an angle to achieve those goals through her fresh approach and The Signature Jackie James Tasting Method.


Jackie took the time to personalize her whiskey experience to our brand, going over-and-above by researching our audience and the tone, understanding the nuances of our story and how it related to her method and experience. She provided FOX Entertainment her whiskey industry knowledge, strategic approach, and know-how throughout the process. One of our favorite and memorable engagements was for a live IG tasting event to help our fans maximize enjoyment, challenge the whiskey norms and experience something unconventional. This resulted in higher engagement and fan participation, bringing in new fans and product trial.


Jackie has been a confidant, a dot-connector, a guide and more importantly, has become a great colleague – someone to lean on and provide support in an honest, conversational way. We appreciate all her help and would recommend her to everyone because she not only goes above-and-beyond, but her attention to detail, attitude, reputation, and credible advice is second to none. Thanks, Jackie!"

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Susan Skolnick
Chief Development Officer
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kentuckiana
Project: Pappy Van Winkle Bottles Raffle

“We broke our all-time record in how quickly tickets sold out working with you, Jackie James!  I’m still amazed and in shock with how fast we sold out.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would only take 34 hours and 40 minutes (but who’s counting 😊)!


You definitely over-delivered and we can’t wait to work with you again and expand your role in the fall!  We originally approached you because of your solid reputation and credibility in the industry, but your outstanding work ethic, attention to detail, and commitment to us and to the project was truly above and beyond.  Thank you for getting us in front of so many people, influencers, and celebrities!


Through your efforts, we increased awareness of RMHCK and raised much needed funds to cover 1,620 nights for families.  Because of you, no child has to face medical treatment alone.  You’re helping us care for families by providing meals, a good night’s sleep, and all the support families need.  Thank you for being a part of the RMHCK family and for making such a difference!”


Watch Video Testimonials

Including Patrick Chung from the New England Patriots!
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"I love whiskey but I never get to drink it because my wife refuses to buy it. She only buys wine and vodka. Her girlfriends discovered you last month and all of a sudden whiskey is cool and that’s all she wants to drink!

God bless you Jackie James!"

- Darin H., New York City

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“I always thought whiskey was for men and I was always afraid to try it. You made it so painless and fun to learn! Now I can even school my husband on as you call it our favorite brown juice. Haha!”

- Janelle R., San Francisco

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“You made it fun and I love how hands on you are. I’ve never appreciated my sense of smell more and can’t wait to try your Jameson in the mashed potatoes tip on Thanksgiving!”

- Susan W., San Diego

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"My wife never lets me teach her anything and you made her curious about whiskey. Now we have whiskey date nights after the kids go to bed and she lets me give her taste tests and we talk about what she likes and doesn't."

- Scott W., Los Angeles

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